July 12, 2007

Entry # :145 - Mentally disorder

it such a very lousy bored day when u spending ur whole time in ur house. doing nuthing, watching tv, internet, eating and sleeping, and eating and sleeping... it's more than a great big pocket earner. even millionaires not having this such stupid and boring life!!

hey!! trust me!! yes... it's feel soooo damn good for few weeks.i put on maximum 2 weeks. i experienced that!!!

it's feel like em a such a loser, spending time at home and doing nothing that can be considered as an activities. plus, u dont have money!! i feel like i useless... no.. no... dont get me wrong here, it's not like im not trying to find a job.walk- in interview dan such... but...sometimes i thought i should just back to my origin. balik kampung tanam jagung!!! ,/p>

im hate being like this.no money , depanding on very kind hearted friends.but the issue is, till when ? people will looking me like im such a begger that expecting others supporting my life without doing nothing. im not a parasite. no im not...

i dont know what the hell im talking about. but the things is i am in not in stabil condition. mentally disorder. im under pressure!! stress with my useless life...

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Banji said...

i know it's very frustrating when you don't have a job, it's boring like crazy and that you are living off somebody's compassion.

The thing is there's nothing you can do about that. You still need to eat and maybe need some money for your job hunting. you also can't blame company's not taking you because they must have their reasons.

What you can do in my opinion is focus on securing a job. if before you sent 10 application letters everyday, try to do 15. maybe once in a while, during your interview you ask "Can I ask, where do i go wrong in this interview?" and when you know your mistake you can work on that.

Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to show off my advising skill or what, this is just my opinion and it is totally up to you to filter it, which to take, and which to discard.

good luck ya :)

Azhar Ahmad said...

Nasib baik tak jadi Mentally DIsturbed... Mungkin dah jadi fie bie... Hehhehe, heh, kap kek tu, mak sutimah jual gak ker?